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Download recuperare Soft Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54G
RYKYData: Vineri, 13.09.2013, 10:55 AM | Mesaj # 1
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Download recuperare Soft Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54GL

WRT54GL debrick

WRT54GL is ImmortalThe definition here is not immortal understanding of the meaning of immortal truth. Just an expression. If your WRT54GL is not have error or
malfunction because of hardware problems, example : electricity
damage. It’s kind like of error or corupt the firmware, failed when
upgrade the firmware.That mean your WRT54GL on ” brick ” condition. I guarantee that you can re-live [debrick]WRT54GL again. That’s the meaning of WRT54GL is
Immortal.How to identifying your WRT54GL are in ” brick ” condition ?Power LED of WRT54GL is blinking countinously.Can’t access the web base menu of WRT54GL (forget password not count).Let’s begin to re-live your WRT54GL. Before that you need this utility and WRT54gl original firmware first.Let’s make static IP first for your PC/Laptop. I use XP for this tutorial. Click Start –> Control Panel –> Network
Connections. Double click Network Connections. The rest just follow
like screenshot below.Ok, you now have static IP for your PC/laptop. Open your command prompt. It’s like this : Click Start –> All Programs –>
Accesories –> Command Prompt. Andy type in your Command Prompt : ping and it shoul be give some reply like screenshoot below.That’s sound good. Let’s say, that a good sign, your WRT54GL will re-live again. We proceed to next step. Are you have download this utility and WRT54gl original firmware for this tutorial ? You need that right now.Unzip the file to your hard disk. Its contain 2 files. There are tftp utility and WRT54GL original firmware.Just follow screenshoot instruction below. Double click tftp2.exeServer : : adminFile : browse and pointer to the file you have download before. That’s WRT54GL original firmware. Have name like this FW_WRT54GL_4.30.12.3_US_EN_code.binClick Upgrade. Done ! You have success to re-live your WRT54GL again. WRT54GL is Immortal.Type in your favorite browser, it should be like this screenshot below. Don’t forget to change your static IP to DHCP IP if you have successful re-live your WRT54GL.Congratulation, you are the expert now. Let me now if this article useful for you. If so, let’s spread it out.
Comment are welcome. Question are welcome. Also critics are welcome.
It’s all about WRT54GL.
Forum » Forum » Forum » Download recuperare Soft Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54G
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